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A Little Accident...


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Just a little bit, :D but its no fun. Heres a lesson for you all and you'd best heed my words. When securing wood in a bench vise MAKE SURE ITS SECURE! Just 10 minutes ago I was straightening a twist in a 2" X 4" X 26" chunk of holly (future guitar neck) with my jack plane. I had it vised in around midway and was happily planing the surface when WHAP! She flipped out of the vise and smacked me right in the schnozz! I got a 3/4" split down the side of my nose now and a little abrasion on the top. OUCH! I don't think I will need stitches and it didn't bleed a whole lot, mostly from the abrasion. But I got some swelling on the way and she sure does smart! About 30 yrs ago I caught a knuckle from a crazy roommate on the other side of my nose, caved it in a little bit. I think this little escapade straightened it out. :D

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I was just thinking about how things could have been different. I mean when you consider how hard I got hit by that board. It felt like someone my size hauling back and planting one leading with a big hard ring. If my head were tilted up just a few inches it could have hit me in the teeth! Anyway, after staunching the blood I got back on the horsey and finished the job. :D

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Glad it wasn't too bad. :D

Every once in a while I do something stupid and get a harsh reminder to pay attention.

When your in the shop, especially with power tools, (table saw especially), all the lights have to be ON!! My deal was putting hand in front of chisel a while back. Emergency room visit to sew it up, $125.00. That tells you how long ago it was. Put hand in front again working on mold WITHOUT clamping it, just briefly but I caught it. HASTE MAKES WASTE, AND BLOOD!! Yes it takes more time, your shop should be set up so you know exactly where all your tools are for time saving efficientcy so you dont get into bad habits. Had some KICKBACK from the tablesaw today, for no good reason either. grrrrrrrrr Im making a kickback fence after that.

Always on, NO SHORTCUTS especially with power tools, dont go for the extra mile when tired. SAFTEY FIRST!!!!

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