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Neck And Head Done

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I have been working on the inlay to the head of my acoustic guitar. Here is a close up picture of the head.head.jpg

The material I used is an acrylic acetate. It is .25" thick. The material was easy to work with, but has a pungent odour when cut. The honduras rosewood covering the one piece cherry neck is .125" thick. The birds were set into the head and then sanded flush. 180 rough sand then a 320.



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The "pearlesence" that www.masecraftsupply.com carries is the same stuff, and you can get it in sheets, big and small. Cool work, I like it, but I gotta ask... is that fretboard already attached to the neck? And if so, why haven't you already slotted it?


Chris, this is my first acoustic and the neck is a bolt on. I have a cnc machine and have programmed the scale length into the unit. The neck mounting hardware is also on the cnc. I will be fretting the fingerboard tonight and will post the progress. Thanks for the interest. Jofes.
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