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These Grizzly Hvlp Spray Guns....

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...showed up on Wed. for my birthday! :D How did she know?! Maybe the new compressor in the garage tipped her off. :D

Anyway, when I opened them and started taking them apart as a dry-run for the gun cleaning procedure, I began to notice that they were coated inside and out with a very fine film of oil. On further inspection, it was obvious they had shot some lightweight oil through them before packaging, in an effort to keep them from rusting in storage most likely.

So....I got to run through the gun cleaning procedure for real. B)

It got me thinking.....I wonder how many people have just yanked new spray guns out of the package and went straight to shooting clear coats without cleaning out the oil first....


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All new tools need to be de-greased before use, basic take-apart-everything, I drop it into a container with lacquer thinner for a bit, wipe it all clean, and shoot thinner through the gun (full cup or so) just to get things cleaned up.

Let us know how they turn out!

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