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hey all! - not posted here in a while...forgot what my email for my account was, haha!

just a quick newbie question, i've searched on this but couldnt find an answer

what makes a neck pickup sound like a neck pickup? for example, i want to put EMG selects into my guitar, specicially this one

but if i get two of those, and put them in, will they both sound exactly the same? like when i switch betwwen neck and bridge on the guitar controls?

cheers for any help


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what makes a neck pickup sound like a neck pickup

Don’t want to be rude but the answer is…it is placed at the neck! Simple as that. But the difference in sound between two identical pickups places at neck/bridge is the reason that there are specially tuned neck/bridge pickup combinations. Me I prefer to wind my neck pickups slightly less “hot” then the bridge partner and leave everything else identical. But everybody have their own preferences.

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