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Red Over Black Stain

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Hello one and all, it's been a while since my last post as many things have happened since i was last on here, such as moving house and more recently broken limbs B) broken arm to be exact check out the snaptastic x ray and cast on my other post :D

Anyway back to the topic in hand I've got a V that will be finished pretty soon when I'm back in action and am going for a translucent finish as the grain looks pretty cool. I'd like to have the grain really dark in contrast to the red I'm going to use. And seeing as it's been a few years since I painted or stained anything I just thought I'd post this to maske sure I'm on the right track.

When I was back in college I'm sure there was a lad who stained his guitar black, (actually by mistake I think) he then wiped off most of the excess black and later sanded it back so the main grain was still dark. and then put on a red stain. Which made the grain stand out against the red. I think that was the way anyway like i said it's been a few years since then.

So what I'm after is the best way to enhance the grain on my Ash V so that it's really dark against the the red which I'm going to finish it off with as I think it will look cool with all the black hardware.

here a pick off the suspect in question http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v661/Dir...cksonStyleV.jpg

It's just setup to check everything at the mo, it will have either two vols and a switch or Vol and tone

thanks for comments or suggestions :D

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I suspect you could just use a black grain filler like CA or System 3 or something since those will reject stain/dye. Regular paste type fillers might take on a little of the red, even though black is black is black and you cant go any lighter, I still wouldn't want to see weird effects.

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Yeah I checked out that stew mac guide before hand. I just thought it may turn out cool.. or maybe not. And see if anyone had done similar with good or bad results or had any ideas of there own on a better way of enhancing the grain.

I've done a few guitars before stained and solid but like I said that was a few years ago and alot has been forgoten since then :D thanks for the suggestions Sand Paper.

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Hey dude, check out this thread

ash strat

This guy did a killer finish on ash. From what I've read Ash does not take stain very well. If you try to stain the wood directly it will typically come out blotchy. The guy in the thread above used a blue tinted lacquer over a black grain filler. The pics in that thread are missing but someone has reposted them elsewhere. You have to do a little extra clicking to see the pics.

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