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H/h/s Wiring?

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does anybody have a schematic for H/H/S wiring?

it isnt that common for some reason.

That is probably because most two bucker/one single-coil configs are H/S/H and you can find plenty of schematics for those. Not that much difference actually, just switch the last two pickups around.

Try here if you like: http://guitarnuts2.proboards45.com/index.cgi


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i want to use jerry garcia tiger wiring but i cant figure it out so i thought i would do something simpler

There's a diagram of this wiring at dozin.com, if you want to do the whole pre-amp/effects loop thing. I did it and I love it. The only mistake is that the website claims the tone controls come AFTER the effects loop, but this is not the case (only the volume comes after the effects loop).

Hope that helps.

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i havent looked at the schem but couldnt you just wire a tone pot in parrallel (SP) with the volume ?

This has two tone pots, so they must come before the loop. If you wanted to go with one, I'll bet there's a way to work it out, but I'm no expert. I was just pointing out the discrepancy; not saying I prefer one way or the other. I just don't want someone to wire it up expecting one result, only to find out that that's not what the results are.

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