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Simple Pickup Wiring


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Alright, this guitar was dismantled when I got it and I'm trying to make another guitar out of it's parts. Now, about wiring, I'm confused as hell.

On my pickup there are 2 wires coming out of it, 1 red and 1 bare (+ and -?) and I have a volume pot with 2 wires coming out (the longer one going to the bridge as a ground (I know that) and another one that was sheared off. So, how can I wire these to geather then to an imput jack?

I will have pics in a sec.




HOpe that helps. I can solder also, if that means anything. :D

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Are you just putting in one pickup with a volume knob? Then here is a pretty basic diagram:


Your pickup is only a 2-wire so you can ignore the part about the North-finish and South-finish.


(Edit: I just noticed, it looks like that pot in the pic has a capacitor on it, if so, that means it was the tone pot. No big deal really, just remove the cap and presto.)

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