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Strap Pin Problems

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i have an ibanez btb406qm bass, which is probably irrelevant to my question. anyways, one of my strap hook.. pin.. things that your strap goes on, is loose. i cant screw it in anymore because the hole is stripped out and it will basically fall out. im not sure what to do, and im scared of doing a bad rig job or something because its a really nice bass. it seems to me a lot of ibanez guitars do this also, which is weird, anywho, thank you all for any help.

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i would go with the tooth pick and glue fix - but beware with the glue - you dont need much. I have seen quiote a few guitars with superglue runs around the strap button area because someone has gone a bit too far. I think it is fine with wood glue - and easier to clean up if it doesn go anywhere it shouldnt!

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