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I Need Advice On Starting A Proyect


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Im 21 years old and my name is Daniel ....Im a newbie on guitar building, so i would like to know what are the basic tools that i need to start a proyect on a Stratocaster guitar, or an ibanez guitar, i would like someone to recommend me an easy project for a newbie to start with. What tools do i need and how much money do i have to spend?? another question I live in south america, ( in ARGENTINA if anyone knows where it is ) and i would like to know about the wood tonal qualities here, and how can i replace for example : ALDER , or BASSWOOD. i mean to get a similar wood that grows in trees here in my country naturally and that are not as expensive as if i had to order the wood abroad, cause it would be too much money to spend. Every, other guitar builder or luthier doesnt want to explain to anybody " their secrets " , about where they get wood or something. I hope a soon response.


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Hello, and greetings from Portland, Oregon.

There's a great list of tools and more in Melvyn Hiscock's book, Making Your Own Electric Guitar. Money well spent. Covers all aspects of electric guitar building. There are three models in the book. It covers setup, the wiring, finishing. You'll like it. I'm done scanning it and will now move it out to the shop and read it cover to cover, while learning. I have my wood for a test body.


You'll want to visit this website for tools, etc., for guitars and other stringed instruments.


I know nothing of the woods in your area, basically trying to learn all about the woods people use for buildings guitars. I found this website and joined up because there is a lot of talent to be studied.

Sure would love to visit Argentina and surrounding areas some day. :D

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