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Obeeche Or Obeechi Wood?

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Hi everyone. Longtime lurker first time poster.

Is anyone at all familiar obeeche/obeechi wood? I did a yahoo and google search and all i cound find was that it's an african hardwood. My local hardwood supplier has a few boards left over from a special order and made me an offer on one. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this as a tonewood. I was thinking it might be good for guitar bodies.Or even if anyone knows anything about it at all. lol very little information. heres a picture of a block he sent home with me to see how it finishes. i havent sanded it down yet



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A friend of mine (good builder) uses it and likes it quite a bit for 'superstrat' type isntruments. Light, resonant, works well, and it's pretty cheap...

thanks Mattia! I'm thinking it's just not widely available in the US or atleast the north east. i couldnt find anyone that had heard of it. When you say it's cheap could you give an example. i dont want to buy it thinking i got a good deal and paid way more than it's worth. I was offered $2.50 a bdft planned and joined

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Guest Mavet

I don't know what its like as a tonewood, but I do know that its used for mockup and model building because it is VERY soft and easy to work with. Its increadibly light as well. it dents easily so if you decide to use it be careful.

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It is a light weight wood that is seeing a little more use in guitar building(light weight bodies). Gilmer has been selling it for a while(in limited quantities), one piece bods similar in price to Mahogany(maybe slightly less). That is all I know about the wood.


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