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What Should I Do About This Neck?

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I have an old Peavey I got in high school (my first "real" guitar). It has served me well and refinishing it was actually what got me into building/modifying guitars. The thing is it has an unfinished neck which is getting to be pretty gnarly looking. There are several dark spots that have just been getting larger and larger over the years and I'm beginning to worry that it's going to start to actually rot and wear away :D. It still plays fine now though and I'd like to keep it that way. So what would you do?

I'm not sure I'd be able to sand away the blemishes (especially since it is a very thin neck to begin w/) so I'm thinking I might put a dark stain on it to hide the flaws and then give it a few coats of wipe on poly to protect it. It's a maple, by the way.

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danish oil and tru-oil seem popular - i use danish oil.

The oil will not really stop the neck getting more grubby but it will ensure the wood doesnt dry out and start to feel bad. I like the grubby look but the patina has to feel good too

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