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Just do a complete setup. :D

Sounds to me like your bridge is too high, and it's likely that you've given yourself too much "relief" via the truss rod adjustment. If you google "guitar setup" you should find several sites to help you through it, complete with measurements that will put you in the right zone. Even without dedicated tools you can do a better job than "nothing" it seems. For example, you'll find measurements for how high your string should be from the 12th fret when holding down the 22nd and 1st frets. It'll be something ridiculous like "0.012 inches". I don't have feeler guages. But I DO have snippings from a 0.012" string... when I can slide that between the string and the fret, I'm in a close enough ballpark for my own satisfaction. Other measurements might require bigger intervals... I've used drill bits as feeler guages, too. Use anything that's a known size. :D


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