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Hsh Wiring


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I'm completely revamping my old Ibanez EX which originally had a SSH configuration.

I aquired two new Seymore Duncan 4 wire humbuckers, so i will enlarge the bridge position to fit a humbucker and the old single coil will go in the center

where can i find a schematic for HSH with 4 wire humbuckers

also i want to add an on/off switch for each pickup.

I want to turn my tone controll into an overdrive as seen in the tutorial below


specifically what kind of diodes do i use?

thanks alot


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I wish I could just whip up a diagram for you, but I'm afraid I'd have to research it myself, first... not being familiar enough with how mini-switches work. I imagine it's actually fairly simple, though, and I've found that even when people were kind enough to help me with diagrams, my showing initiative and coming up with some initial diagrams went a long way... proved that I wasn't just looking for the easy way out. :D If you go to any of the major manufacturers' sites, guitarelectronics.com, or even Google for specific guitars you know of with similar wiring, you might even find your answers.

As for the black ice "overdrive," I've never tried one because I've heard enough about what they are and how they work that I've come to the conclusion it'd be nearly worthless. Passively-driven diode clipping isn't going to be an actual overdrive. You might be better off getting a kit from somebody like guitarfetish.com and putting in a TRUE distortion or overdrive circuit.


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do you want series or parallel wiring ?

using mini switches in series is a lot like brian mays wiring (obviously without the phase switches)

could just use these diagrams to suit your humbuckers http://www.treblebooster.com/brian_may_pickup_mod.htm

and the tone pot would be the blackice (which sucks) do a forum search for more info, its been talked to death on here, i remember trying it ages ago with no results.


decided to search for you.


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just out of interest i broke out my old bat41 diodes and wired them up inside a little pedal box i have for this type of thing (its an old dvdr spindle with 2 jacks and a 3pdt switch) anyway i just wired it up into the switch so i dont have to f'about with my guitar innerds and the blackice seems to make the guitar a little brighter (not much overdrive as such) it definately cleans the signal a little.

theres other wiring methods but this is how i just did it (im using a dimarzio super2 and 6k GFS pickup in bridge, this is probably why i only get a little volume boost, it needs hot pickups).


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