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Help! I Need To Find Those Fender Pots And Knobs That Have The Inn


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Hello Dear friends..

I have to make a few guitars and was requested to use the new fender knobs and pots that have the push button option in the middle of the knob. "like the new strat models where the volume knob have a button on the top which you can push.

I want to buy a few of them as I think they are cleaner that the old push pull pot system... who outside Fender parts has them?

does anyone know the part number? for the knob and the pot?

I dont want to buy them directly from Fender because they will charge me an arm and a leg..

can some one tell me where I can buy this part and maybe the part number?

thanks in advance for your help

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I haven't seen them anywhere & I'm not sure that they'll be available outside of Fender anytime soon, although I might be wrong. I have a feeling that they were developed with/by Fender as I've not seen them on anything else. The TBX is a similar example, I've not seen those pots produced by anyone else & I woudn't be surprised if Fender own the patent for them.

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