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Refinishing Problem...

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I recently refinished my guitar and when i sanded the clear with 1000 grit sandpaper, all that happened is that it totally lost its shine. What am i doing wrong or what should i be doing?

Well let's see? What finish? What grits have you gone through so far up to 1000. Usually until you get to 2000 or better you won't see any shine, unless you look CLOSE from an angle. If all is level and no scratches maybe start polishing out with a buffer, or by hand using polishing cream, then a wax finish. But this all depends on the type of finish what is next. Please eloborate???


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Erm... not exactly sure what to elaborate about.. but anyway, I used black hi-build lacquer and clear hi-build lacquer. Sanded with 600, 800, then 1000. After that, was going to polish it and it done. Btw, pls note that this is my first time doing a refinish, so i started 'small' by refinishing only the headstock. What I want is for it to look like a regular 'factory-finished' guitar whereby the whole thing has a glass-like surface thats smooth and no scratches can be seen at all..

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1000 grit isn't fine enough to get it where you want it. Go buy 1200, 1500, 2000 and 2500 (if available) grit at your local autobody supply store and do some wetsanding. While you are there buy some Meguiar's No. 2 Deep Crystal System polishing compound and then you'll see your guitar shine.

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