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Carvin Active/passive Guitar Module


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I've been getting my configurations finalized for a build I hope to start in October this year, and happened to see Carvin's Active/Passive electronics module. I'm wondering about a few things:

1. Has anyone implemented one of these in a build? (Or possibly own a Carvin equipped with this unit?)

2. And if you have, how are they? ie. usefulness (is it even worth it?) and sound quality (I'd hope it doesn't introduce unnecessary noise).

Originally I was just going to use a 5-way switch and a pair of potentiometers. But after seeing this I'm mulling it around due to the possible tonal characteristics it could add to my instrument. If it's of any consequence, I'll be using a set of Lundgren M7 pickups.

Many thanks in advance for any input or insight. :D

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I have played a carvin with Active/Passive and they sound great. [this is a high output.]

the active/passive rocks and there is a few different sound you can get when using there basic switching system.

one thing to keep in mind carvin has a couple different pickups the guitar I played had m22 pickups.

I bought a set of there twin blade [ there hot rail ] vary happy with them when I bought them they cost $55


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I appreciate the replies and info, guys.

I'd be using this in a 7-string build with a pair of Lundgren M7 pickups, which I understand are very high output. I wouldn't be using Carvin's PUs at all. But from what I gather, the active module should work well with about any good passive pickups.

Many thanks for the input. :D

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