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First Wireing Job Questions

Feild Craddock

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What I'm trying to do is wire 2 single coil pickups together into a humbuckerish deal along with a volume tone and input. I found this diagram online and it seemed to be what I'm looking for but I've got it all wired up and it doesn't work :D.wdu_h011_01.jpg Well it mostly doesn't work the volume works but the pick ups aren't...well picking anything up. I'm thinking my problem might be in how I've got the 2 singles wired together. Or maybe my grounding which I've grounded to the metal shell of the volume and tone. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong or diagrams that might help would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to ask me any questions regarding what I've done so far. thanks.

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How does the volume work without a signal? Do you hear an increase in hum/buzz?

Basically, you should treat one single coil as "north" in the diagram, and the other as "south". Ignore the wire marked "bare or shield" since (I assume) neither single coil has a seperate shield wire.

Also note... you probably won't get this "pickup" to cancel hum. There's a 50/50 chance that the two pickups you've wired together are the same magnetic polarity, in which case they can't cancel hum. So: once you get it working, if you have buzz like you would with a single coil alone, then the pickups are the same magnetic polarity.

In which case... if they're the type that has a single bar magnet on the bottom, you could carefully pry the magnet off the bottom of one and flip it over so that the gluey side is now facing down and the clean side is clinging to the underside of the bobbin. You now have two coils with opposite magnetic polarity.

BUT... the coils now must be wired electrically out of phase. If the pickups are the same type, then the leads should be color-coded and you should connect like to like. So if you have say a black lead and a white lead per pickup, hook (e.g.) the blacks together and send one white to the volume control, and ground the other white. Or you can do the opposite (white to white, 1 black to vol, 1 black to GND).

If your pickups don't have coded leads or have differently coded leads.... wire it up one way. If it sounds thin, you got it wrong, switch it. If it sounds full, you got it right.

One final thought... if the coils are the SAME magnetic polarity, you will have to wire them electrically IN phase (e.g. black to white, 1 white to GND, 1 black to vol) to get a full humbucker sound, although it will hum like a single coil.

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