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Converting A Strat Neck To A Tele?

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Can it be done? I was wondering if it was at all possible to convert a Strat neck to a telecaster neck?

If you mean the headstock shaped from a strat style to telly style yes.

If you want to convert or fit a strat neck to a tele body then you either square (shape) the heal of the strat neck to fit the tele neck pockets are cut square (for reference the term square was used). Look at a strat body neck pocket then a tele you'll see the difference.

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I understand the diffrence in butt shape, see I'm making four guitars and I have 4 strats and I would like to make 3 strats and a tele. I guess my main concern is the dimensions of the neck butt and if i were to convert it if it would screw with the scale length.

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A Strat neck heel will work in a Tele pocket without mods. The curved shape will leave gaps in the corners, but if your neck has a 22nd fret overhang, you're gold. Gold, Jerry.

the old Tele's from 72 ( maybe the Deluxe or the Custom) had a strat neck straight into the "square" pocket.

As for reshaping the headstock, I've done it a couple of times it will easily fit

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