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Fretboard Replacement Costs?

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I am considering buying a guitar, that needs a major refret anyways, and I would like to add a new fretboard to it (its rosewood with stupid inlays, I would like Maple with none) but I cant seem to find any infomation on replacements, and locally I do not know if there is any luthiers that could do it, I live in a small area.

The guitar is also a neckthru, so I could not replace the neck

How much do fretboard replacements usually go for? And is there anywhere online that I could maybe send the guitar to, to have them do it? maybe in Canada?

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i have a guy putting a new fretboard on my american master (ibanez custom shop neck through) here in ontario for 300.00. the old fretboard was already off though. i was quoted around 500.00 by everyone i called if they had to remove the old fretboard.

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it is a neckthru so cant replace neck just like that

If it was $260ish US, I would be up for that, but since It isnt looking like I can find anywhere to do it, I am not gonna buy the project guitar. Thinking of trying a Carvin neckthru blank and building the rest myself

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For what it's worth, the tutorial here on "Fretboard Removal" has proven extremely helpful. I didn't know anything about removing and replacing fretboards 6 months ago, and since then, I've successfully removed and replaced the fretboards on two guitars. However, both were bolt-on necks.

My question for those more seasoned here - wouldn't many of the same steps in that tutorial apply for removing the fretboard on a set neck?

I'm guessing, if lacking the space to insert a razor and knife beneath the fretboard at the body end, might one might start at the nut?

In any event, much gratitude to Kevan for writing that tutorial.

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