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Finding Scale Lenght

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Since it's already routed (and I assume drilled), you're limited by the positions of the bridge and the neck pocket. The critical measurement is the distance between the nut and the bridge saddles. That distance has to be the scale length (+ a tiny distance for intonation).

What kind of body is it? If it's a Strat type body, it's most likely set up to accept a 25.5" scale length neck.

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It's *most likely* going to be set up to accept an Ibanez 25.5" scale length neck then, but there are no certainties... Best bet is to ask the person from whom you bought it.

If it's a copy of an Ibanez RG and not just something that looks like an Ibanez RG, you'll need whatever fits an Ibanez RG. I don't know that much about Ibanez (although I do have an Ibanez bass), but I'm almost positive they don't use a standard Strat neck pocket.

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