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Ibanez Sz Or S Guitar Design

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I have built one guitar now, (a prs-ish shape) and now I want to do another one. I love the shape of Ibanez s and sz style guitars, but I cant find a plan for one. Does anyone here know of one?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Keith

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i don't know where to get an S or SZ, but i do know where to get a JS.. its almost the same as an S aside from the radius.. alternatively, you could use a regular RG and modify the horns to get the basic shape of an S.. anyway, heres a link to the JS..

thanks for those. I wanted to use an S styled body for my first project and I was looking around while I came across this post.

I will adapt them to a neck-thru and see what comes out.

Thanks again :D

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