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Carved Out Hard Ash Body...

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Hey all! I tried searching for some info about hard ash, but I keep getting an error cause ash is only 3 letters! :D

I have a bunch of hard ash that I got pretty cheap and want to make a semi-hollow out of it. I'm not sure of the top wood yet, but I was thinking that hollowing out the ash would make the weight manageable and maybe keep it from being too bright tonally. Also, do you know if the ash will take stain or dye pretty evenly?

Thanks for the help!

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I used alder with ash top

the top being 3/4 thick and it takes more time to carve it out and the finish is fine as long as you do a good job at sanding.

Ash is a hard wood used in making baseball bats and also guitars. With glue it can be put together with all sorts of other woods even itself. Generally it's painted because its usually flat sawn boring. Olive ash on the other hand has some lovely texture but I have seen very few instruments made from it.

What I am saying is you can do whatever you want as a topper even yes use more ash. If you keep it natural I would go with a lighter wood such as maple.

MY 2 1/2 cents worth


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