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Stew-mac Neck Jig


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Anyone have a set of plans or information on the Stew-mac neck Jig. Surely this has been talked about here, but I can't seem to dig up anything with the search function. I would like to build one and need to know the placement of the rods/Dial Gauges. I could probably guesstimate, but if some ones knows, that would be better. Links to any discussions would be great as well since the search functionreturns an error when searching "Neck Jig".



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I just got a copy of Stew Macs Fretting Book and it has a couple of other styles. One is a box with the jig inside and you roll the box 90 degrees on its side to go to the "playing" position. Supposidlly portable. I am in the process of cloning one of these bad boys to make bolt on necks and test picups.


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I bet that box version was short lived. Much more awkward than such a jig needs to be. If you're using a surrogate body, then all you need is a beam with the rods in it, bolted under the surrogate body. Much more simple and effective than a whole box.

A beam can be clamped in a vise. I suppose the box can be C-clamped to a bench top, but screw that hassle.

I think the box one is from the time Bryan Galloup was going crazy with chip-board. Seemed he was using chip-board in every possible way. Maybe he was trying to win some chip-board building contest.

The box jigs were for his students. His own jig was better, more of a fixed workbench type with spinning top. Back in the early 90's Dan E said that jig of Bryan's was the best neck-jig in the world. I finally saw it on video for the first time last year and I think Dan just said that to be nice. Nothing extra special going on with that jig.

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