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Lr Baggs Crtl-x Noise


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HI all.

I installed a LR Baggs TBridge and a CRTL-x preamp.

Everything works fine in mono mode. But in stereo mode, using an Y-cable,

the magnetic pick up signal gets an insane amount of noise.

I don't think that this is a ground loop as the noise just get there as soon as the stereo plug

is being inserted in the jack hole, simply pluging the magnetic signal inside the amp and leaving the piezo signal unplugged.

Does anybody who has experience with the CTRL-X preamp have any idea of what can be wrong?

Thank you.


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No idea, but the whole "it doesn't make noise when unplugged" idea isn't worth much since unplugging the piezo input should cut the power to the preamp. Have you contacted LR Baggs? You might want to tell them you're a luthier though, because they might not talk to you if you just say you're some joe. I say that because when I bought the preamp and bridge, the pamphlet went on and on about how they don't recommend the buyer installing the components themselves.

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