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More finishing help please


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First, thanks to Brian for the welcome and help on the clear coating issue. Now a new question.

Again, I am building a Saga PRS copy where I am using wood dye on the front (only had to sand off 2 attempts before I got it right - lol) and want to paint the remainder of the guitar a complimentary solid tan.

Many thanks to the poster about using 3M blue vinyl tape as that is what I have used to mask off the dyed front of the guitar. Napa Auto did indeed have the tape as well as up to 2000 sandpaper, thinline tape, different grades of polishing compound etc.

Now the front is masked off and I begin to think, "hanging the body from my basement rafters, how am I going to effectively spray the top and bottom?"

My immediate thought is to attach a fake "neck" to the guitar and use my woodcraft vice, but I wondered how others have accomplished this?

BTW after talking to Eric Vance at the Guitar Doctor I found a Mohawk paint distributor in the Chicago area who carries their line of nitrocellulose lacquers. They are a lot cheaper than Guitar Reranch going for about $4.60 a can (with a minimum order).


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Here's what I do, I used to hang the bodies, this way is much better. I got the idea when I read Fender used to use thin finishing nails on the top of the body to act as legs when you flip the body over. Just put the nails where it won't show...under the guard and control plate. I make a 'handle' and screw it in the neck pocket...works great, I can hold and shoot the top (or leave it on the table) and flip it over to shoot the bottom.

Painting Tele's...

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Killer flames butnut :D I have used a simular method and also the fake neck one. Sometimes I use a wire coat hanger too, it really depends on the space you have available and your ability to work around the body.

Personally I prefer the fake neck and a clamp system to hold it since you can have much better control of the angle to shoot.

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Thanks guys...all this talk of a clamp system gave me an idea. I have a bike repair stand (table top) that has a clamp and rotating swivel...I'm gonna try it on my next Tele. I'll use the wood 'neck' handle and clamp it to the swivel. I think I found a better way. Thanks. :D

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