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Eko Kadett Or Anything About Ekos

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I recently bought an Eko Kadett body off of Ebay(I haven't yet received it though) I was wondering if anyone knows anything about these guitars other than the fact they were made in the 60's and in Italy. I would like to know what year exactly the body was made in, all the description says is "in the 60's". Is there any way I can tell by like a serial number or anything that is printed on the body? Also does anyone know where I can get parts for this guitar whether they are originals or remakes? Also does anyone know of wiring schematics I can find for this guitar? The one I ordered looks to be only a two pickup guitar and the other ones I have seen seem to be three...So I dont know what that means. Here is a link to the ebay site if you want to see a pictureLink to Ebay Thanks

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i remember eko guitars in the late 60's

they were try hard guitars and players seen using them were of a specific type [crap] who didnt know how to choose or couldnt afford a proper guitar. they were made by an italian accordion maker which says it all.

howver you are lucky you just got the body the rest would be a waste of freight and the previous owner did the right thing by throwing the neck/ pickups etc in the dumpster where it always belonged.

you have a good solid body there so put a good neck and some decent pickpus and you will have a cool guitar

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they did have a very primitive and particularly ghastly whammy

mmm that big hole.....prolly for the whammy spring you'll need to find a way to cover that up plus the screw holes

a schaller 3d might cover it but i doubt it but what about a bigsby???

not ideal but that night do it

you'll have to rout the neck pocket to standard so you can buy a neck easy and cheap

you couldn't play it stock standard mate it would be one for the bar wall so go for a functional player

i would say again the body looks like good wood

you will have a hard job stripping off the finish i think they used some indestructable 2 pack stuff

but if its soft lacquer strip plug the holes and refinish

sounds like a fun project wish ida seen it i woulda grabbed it like nuthin

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