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Prs Style Custom

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Hey everyone, recently I stumbled across the idea of making a custom guitar, I'd like to make a PRS style guitar much like this one but I don't want to make a Variax Hybrid. I was wondering, where can I get quilt or flame maple, and what should I use for the body? I was thinking mahogany but I dunno. I was gonna use this neck and these and just some black knobs, straplocks, and these pickups. I just need to know if I should make any changes to that setup and the price of some wood. Thanks in advance!

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you can check e-bay for some wood, also check the main site supply section. There's a lot of better places to get your neck than all parts. Look for Doug he did the one in my PRS SC, Warmoth, even the e-bay.

Do your home work, do searches on the forum. There are a lot of people here that have done PRS style guitars.

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Thanks a ton guys. I'll talk to doug and I'm already the wood, I shoulda just checked there first. My idea is to have a sort of PRS style SG body type thing, like, a standard PRS, but with both of the cutaways the same height. I want to have a little more of my own touches to it than like a PRS duplicate. Thanks again!

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