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What Is This Supposedly Vintage Guitar?

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I recently purchased what was supposedly an Eko body, never stated what model but I looked at pictures and it looks like a Kadett, but it is different in a few ways. It was also said that is was built in the 60's which I know most Ekos were. My concern is that it is not an Eko, which I don't really care that much if it is or isn't...but I would like to know if it is actually from the 60's and who made it, if it is Eko or not. I have a few pictures to show you guys. I can tell you obviously by the pictures that it is routed for two pickups(I have only seen Kadetts with three)Its neck pocket is about 2". The holes on the neck pocket are all parallel, I have always thought Eko/Vox guitars have angled neck pocket holes. I tried to see if the pickguard screws match up with Kadetts but it is difficult to tell. Also the horns are angled or curved instead of being flat like on the Kadetts(if that makes sense). The body appears to be one piece, which shows a sign of being built well, so not some cheap knock-off. Well thank you for your help guys, I was hoping for a vintage body I can rebuild hopefully I didn't get ripped off. Here are the pics or the links Front View Back View

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like i said before who knows what this body is

it could be a kaddette

main thing is the body useable??

if so go ahead and start ur neck and choose pickups

look like it could be standard p90 routs

why dont you post some decent size pics ??

hard to see much off them lil postage stamps

a eko guitar redone wont be worth anything anyhow as it aint gonna be original so why stress

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I am not looking for worth, I just like to know originality, or the brand and where it came from. And I a dont know much about posting pictures on the interent everything resizes them for you...sorry I didnt even take those pics I just had them from the ebay deal and I redid them, if you resize pictures to large on CS2 it wont be very good quality, unless large pixels is a good thing. I like quality over quanity :D but you are right it doesnt matter much, but I am just a curious kid that would like to know what it is, thanks for your help though.

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