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Wiring Diagram


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I drew up this diagram for my next build and I was wondering if this would work right. Yes, I know the grounds arn't all there, I'm just wondering if I have everything with the switchs right.

That way I'll have an on-on-on switch for the neck and bridge pickups to switch between series/split/parrallel and a on-off switch for each pickup to turn it off. Am I missing something here? Don't the SPST's have to be grounded?



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Since your SPST's only deal with hot leads, there's no ground connection. You could accomplish the same thing (choosing neck or bridge or both in parallel) with a single Gibson-style pickup selector switch. I would go this route to have as few controls as possible on the guitar.

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So have a 3-way switch then two DPDT to control Series/Parrallel/Splits?

Right... because the Gibson 3-way offers A on, A and B in parallel, and B on. You have on/off for A and on/off B, and when both are on the pickups are in parallel. So actually, your setup has one more option... both pickups off. That could be useful for a kill switch, except you would potentially have to flick two switches instead of one or just spinning the volume knob.

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