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Popping Fret Ends...

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Hey, I've got 3 or 4 frets that won't stay down on one side. They are from my first attempt at fretting and all the other frets seated nicely but these pesky buggers won't stay down. I've tried re-hammering (they just bounce back) and super glueing (hard time clamping). Is the next course of action to yank 'em and start over? Also if anyone has any decent ways of keeping pressure on a fret end while glueing they would be appreciated. It's kind of hard clamping on 2 rounded surfaces.

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I've heard that wicking wood glue under the ends will work. This, reportedly, does two things: it swells the slot because of the water, and it will hold the fret. I know an old accepted practice for fretting is to make the slots too big and drop the frets into wood glue. Many high value vintage guitars employed that method.

Super glue could also be used but it will get onto the fingerboard. It's a pain to remove gracefully.

To clamp, make a radiused block that spans several frets. Make one that also rests against the back of the neck. Use a clamp to gently squeeze. The only thing you're doing is holding the fret still while the glue hardens.

You cold also pull the frets, partially fill the slot with the trusty sawdust/CA mix and re-slot the area after the mixture sets. Then press your frets back in being careful not to have the barbs in the same place as the fret you pulled. If it were me, I would pull the frets and fill.

Be sure your frets have enough radius to them prior to insertion.


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I think that you need to graduate from that Elmers to Titebond.

One more thing you can do, and I did it on my seven string that 2 frets decided to do the same thing is to clamp like Dopug mention above and use superglue and let is seep(sp) in from one side (the one lifting) into the slot. If you are not done fretting then the ends are not sealed, 9unless you measure right on spot for the fret slots. Once this is done and dry just remove the cauls and seal the ends of your frets with wood dust and superglue.

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