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Danish Oil

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Hey, just finishing up a tele build and im using danish oil.

Ive done 5 coats so far.

Im not fussed about grain filling, both me and the guy its for like the wood.

But what about durability sake?

Its a mahogany body with maple/kwilla top.

The maple is nice and smooth and a little glossy, the mahogany and kwilla are still quite grainy.

on average how many coats should there be?

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you need to start wet-sanding with the oil, start at around 600 grit wet and dry paper . It will fill the grain slightly but not completely - but more importantly it gives a very smooth feeling finish. Its quite messy and you have to buff of the gunk occasionally but feels great. the mahogany will soak up more oil than the maple. Its not about how many coats - just keep doing it till it feels right!.

when you are finished give it a good rub with 0000 wire wool and prepared beeswax (like briwax). Buff it out and repeat the wax and buff thing for a few days. the wax helps to keep the guitar feeling great for longer than danish oil alone

the more wetsanding and buffing you do, the better the finish

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