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Tube Pcb Creation


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There's a lot to watch out for. Tube circuits go crazy when signal wires get too close to other wires. Keep signal wires away from: 1) other signal wires of earlier or later gain stages 2) high-voltage power supply wires 3) heater wires. If any of these MUST cross, cross them at right angles. I'm not sure if this applies to making a PCB, but it may be helpful.

If you're new to tube electronics, it might be better to build an eyelet board for the circuit. You can easily swap components if you change your mind or make a mistake. Hoffman sells stuff to make circuit boards (though not PCB's).


I would build a tested circuit for which layouts are available (for example blackface Fender). I'm sure they tweaked those layouts until they eliminated all the bugs. I'm not saying you can't build an original design or something... but you'll have fewer problems if you copy something "tried-and-true".

If you post a schematic of the circuit you're building, we may be able to provide specific help.

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