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Headstock Binding


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Plan accordingly for the depth of binding you want and the types of routing system you're using - I've been bitten by situations where there wasn't enough headstock material left for my bearing to ride on as I was cutting my binding channel. I now often do my binding channels before I thickness the headstock.

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honestly, I much, much prefer my laminate trimmer with a binding routing set (various sized bearings, have StewMac's and one that's similar to LMI's).

Dremels struggle, even with headstock binding.

Agreed, I do not like using my dremel for routing for binding. I have one of Stew Macs little dremel bases(the one that looks like a little piece of pipe with a guide bearing).

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I've bound jackson style headstocks using a router table and binding bit. Jackson headstock binding is only about 1/8" deep. Should be plenty of headstock left for the bearing to ride on. I had no issues.

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