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Looking For A Guitar With A "toronado" Style Body


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I'm curious whether anyone knows of a guitar that has the same shape as a fender toronado:



while wiki says it shadows the jaguar and jazzmaster, those bodies look much larger... as a guitar I want to travel with, being compact is a consideration.

I also know that Reverend Guitars has some that are similar, but they are more expensive then I am looking for.

I'd love to even find a body and build out a kit.

Thanks in advance!

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Any "standard" body size is going to be pretty similar for traveling, so I wouldn't sweat it too much. It's a cool shape, though-- I haven't seen one before, and I kinda like it! Haven't seen any kits for sale, so if you like that body you're probably going to have to buy the guitar, or make your own body.

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I wish I could find a smaller guitar to travel with... not smaller scale since its harder to switch back to a 'normal' scale when playing, so the benefit of using one of these for practice is limited.

As it is, I'm looking at strat clones or any other guitar that's a good value. If there are smaller body/light guitars I'm open to suggestions :D

A Toronado is not a compact guitar. :D
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Now if they made one of those for a couple hundred I'd be in - I won't spend more than that because the risk of it getting crushed (even as carry on) is too great =D...

But I'll keep my eye out for a used one, though they are discontinued, and people tend to jack the price at that point.

A Blues Hawk has a much smaller body and is full (Gibson) scale.


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Agreed- MM1s or Axis are nice little axes. I am also looking for an OLP MM1, though many folks want to over-charge for them. I even looked into making one from Warmoth, but again, the body alone is $300.00-400.00.

I've basically looked at OLP MM1s, Jay Turser Strats, Ibanez has a little cheap axe... what I need is an OLP Steinberger hehe.

Or what is most likely is I'll get a Jay Turser for just over 100.00 or build a SAGA kit and if it gets squished I wont feel so bad. Its playable and I can hotrod it as time goes on (better neck, better hardware etc).

The EBMM Axis is a light and fairly compact design, but looks like its more than you want to spend.
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