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Wiring Problem


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Hi I have a wiring Problem I have two humbuckers I put on/off switch for each pickup. but I'm using one Volume pot I can only get one pickup to work at a time. if I wire both up to volume pot the bridge pickup dont work if i unhook the neck pickup the bridge pickup works. basically it works if I only have one pickup wired to pot. can you hookup two pickup outputs to the same lug on vol pot? anyone have an idea what I'm doing wrong? thanks

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If you could draw a diagram of your setup we might be better able to help. Basically, with your setup, you need to wire the pickups in parallel and then have two kill switches.

There's a simpler way to do this--use one switch, a Gibson-style toggle. It gives you neck, bridge, or both in parellel.

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I have no idea what you are doing....

but it almost sounds like you have one pickup wired backwards.

meaning.... one is sending a ground signal to the positive....

so when both are running, one is being grounded, thus dead?

I have had too much beer to really get into this right now... it hurts my head... lol

A diagram would work wonders... but I will just ask...

do you have your pickups going to teh switch, and then to the volume pot?

or pickup, to volume pot, to switch?

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