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P-90's With A Three Way


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I am looking for a wiring diagram of two p90's bridge and neck pickups I just want one volume and one tone with a three way...But all I can find is a 2 volume 2 tone with a three way wiring diagrams. Does anyone know of a good one with one tone and one wolume and a 3-way? I like the seymour duncan pictures but they don't have it. As far as I know. Thanks

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P90 can be wired the same as any other 2 wire pickup. You can wire it like a 2 wire humbucker (as above) or use a Fender diagram. Keep in mind that P90s will hum, unlike a humbucker. They usually don't come with reverse wound versions, so don't wire two together expecting the hum to go away like with Fender pickups.

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