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Enamel Coated Wire?


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Can I use this kind of copper wire to wind pickups?

I'm going to wind a neck and bridge pickup for a Tele.

The one I can find is fairly cheap at rouhly 22 USD / 5400 m from ELFA. The diameter is 0,05 mm. If this one doesn't work I'll have to buy wire from gmf.se, a shop with lame pricing on ALL of their stuff. GMF's wire costs 70 USD per 7600 metres of wire but it is pickup wire.

Ordering from outside Sweden is sadly not an option for me.

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That page is in finnish so I can't find out how to order from them. If the wire is thinner shouldn't I be able to get more turns rather than less turns around the bobbin?

Yes of course. Sorry, my brain's turning to mush. :D

When I ordered I just sent an email to tilaukset(at)spelektroniikka.fi and asked for a total price, the folks there were very helpful & speak good English.


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You might try to PM Prospheta. If I rememner correctly his wife is finnish and you might get some help there.

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