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Primavera? Wot's....uh The Deal?

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i live in Canada, and stewmac won't ship mahogany to me doorstop. and they have a one piece body blank of primavera.....hmmmmmm......interesting.

they say it is musically similar to mahogany, but i would like to know if people have been happy with the woods results. it says guitars in the 80's used this wood, but 80's and guitar don't usually match up.

please give me some sort of insight.....

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I used primavera for my first guitar build and have since worked with mahogany. I found it very easy to work with, sand, etc, - similar to mahogany. It is much lighter than mahogany in color. The guitar I built ended up sounding great with lots of sustain, but that is probably more attributed to the total package/design than just the body wood.

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