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Truoil Question

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For my fisrt oil finishing project I will go with TruOil after reading a lot

of topics in this forum. But I have some questions.

How many TruOil is usually needed to finish a guitar? I'm going to buy

some 8oz bottles and I would like to know how many bottles may I buy.

It's a mahogany guitar and maybe I'll use the BIRCHWOOD CASEY sealer

and filler too if I don't like to see the pores. With one 3oz bottle wiil be ok

or more is needed?


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A little Tru-Oil goes a long way. One 8oz bottle would be more than enough.

I've not used their filler or sealer, so I'll be of no help there.

For sealing, you can use thin wash coat of shellac or go strait to the oil.

For filling, I've been having some luck with wet sanding after the first coat using 400 paper and Tru-Oil.

Do small areas and wipe the slurry off across the grain.

After that, I apply more oil, let dry and then block it down between coats using mineral spirits as a lube.

Once leveled, 2 - 3 coats of the spray is handy for getting a nice smooth gloss coat.

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Just a word of caution when using tru oil, - especially when working with a wood that has "denser" and less dense areas on the surface, the finish never seems to be uniform, and tends to come out fairly much "blotchy". I have just spent a lot of time trying to finish off my first guitar, and eventually after perhaps 10 to 12 coats, sanded it all down.

to my surprise, the tru oil penetrated the timber very well, and sealed the pores very nicely. The finish is now great just as it is, and I have been applying only a good wood polish, which gives it a great looking sheen finish.

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