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Color Of Maple?

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I recently bleached the figured cap and headstock of my guitar and was very pleased with the results

Here in Oz not being able to get a manufactured product to do the job I had to source the raw materials

Ammonia and Hydrogen Peroxide

If you do end up bleaching think safety as products like these can be quite dangerous i.e.

respirator, eye protection, gloves etc.

To try and achieve a similar colour may involve a little trial and error

Heres a before and after pic

Other members may offer simpler or better options to you


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I try and stay away from bleach. Maybe darkening the neck with a stain to match would be a safer bet. This would also make the body closer in color too. You have to cut the neck so try stain on some scraps and see how well you can match it up to the fingerboard.

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I am with Spoke, I hate bleaching wood. If it were a figured top, that would be one thing. However you are going to mess with the moisture content of a neck and fingerboard when they are pretty much right where you want them (bleaching is a surface effect, maybe 1/8" deep if that)? I actually think the contrast could be cool, maybe binding if you want to add definition.


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The design calls for the neck and fretboard to be very light in color, which is why I want to lighten the fretboard rather than darken the neck board. I certainly would like to avoid doing any damage to such a wonderfully figured piece of wood. I'll probably chop off some of the waste and do some experimenting.

Thanks for the tips!


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