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I am still doing a bunch of behind-the-scenes homework on this very subject, so I've never built a pickup. But from what I understand, folks tend to purchase un-charged (i.e. unmagnetized) magnets and charge them themselves. They typically use 1" neodymium magnets, or more expensive electric magnet chargers, to do this.

A little Google homework should get you several sources of alnico and ceramic magnets. The material itself can be cut to side (rod/bar lengths & such), but it is fairly difficult to machine unless you're already set up with the machinery and skills.

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Check with Steve Kersting and AMPGE.com; has pretty decent prices for bulk purchases. You might be able to get stuff cheaper elsewhere, but he's got (I think) fair prices and a pretty extensive selection of parts. Ordered from him a while back, still need to sit down and start winding the pickups themselves, though.

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Well, I'm waiting for a new contract from a new employer and then I'll be rich :D

Well certainly not rich, but will have more money. So maybe after Christmas, it's time to get started again. I've been giving serious thought to building a tele and as I have a couple of bobbins at home, it would probably be foolish not to build some.

Need to build some mini HB's too for my firebird.

Then all I need is something with P90's and I'll be all set (except that I still can't play the sodding things)

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