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Any Help Guys?


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Hi Adriaan

I too am from South Africa (Cape Town) where are you living?

You can order the book from Amazon. I received Benedettos Archtop book a while back with out any problem.

If you are in the Cape area Tokai library has a copy of Melvyn's book. He's also a VIP member of this forum.


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I'm not sure about JHB but Cape Town has plenty of resources!

Rare Woods sells tone woods (Spruce tops and Indian Rose Wood backs and sides for acoustics) Hardware can be bought from any number of music stores as well as Terry's Importers. TOMS in JHB had a lot of spares as well last time I contacted them. Anything rare, not available locally,can be ordered from Stewart-Mcdonald via mail order. Power Tool Centre has tools, and books. Books can also be very easily ordered from Amazon.com.

Marc Maingard rated in the top ten of luthiers worldwide operates locally out of Scarborough! Mervyn Davis, also a world class luthier operates, I think, out of Broederstroom, but definitely somewhere around Gauteng, so resources must be available.

I have been building guitars on and off for over 30 years. I have built several electrics for myself and friends, some Bass Guitars, and a few acoustics. I have also been involved with Afri-Can Guitars which use Oil Cans for the bodies. Peter Buck of REM bought one when they were in SA.

I have also done quite a few repairs on instruments, the last being a modification to the neck mounting of a 12 string Hofner for the Bass player for Kobus.

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