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Telecaster: humbuckers?


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I've seen a few Teles with a humbucker pickup instead of (what I have) a single coil. I was wondering, what steps do you have to take to change that part and be able to use humbuckers? Is it buyable online, etc? :D

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u'll need a new lil metal thing that holds the pickup.

or widen the slot for hum.

and probably route out the hum shape ..i've never seen the inside of a tele..so i dunno how its routed.

and a hum thats shaped for it. Because the both things are angled.

i think they're called twangbuckers.


or you could always get a single coil sized humbucker:




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I routed my Tele for 2 humbuckers...a neck and bridge. The neck pup will need a custom pickguard (available online) and you can get a humbucker bridge plate (modern style) online and on Ebay at times. You will need to route (I used a Roto-Zip)...

For my Tele-Gib, I cut a vintage tray in half and used it for the bridge like Seymour did for jeff Becks Tele. I have a 'mini' humbucker on my other Tele bridge..a Duncan Lil59 that fits a stock bridge with no routing...I did route the neck for a big CCRider pup...

Tele-Gib routes

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ok so I have to get a new bridge, then buy a humbucker, take out my old pickup, and wire in the humbucker where it was, and thats it, or is there more to it? does the bridge come with screws or will I have to buy new ones? What are some good humbucker choices?

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If you are only changing the bridge pup, you still need to route the hole a little bigger. You can get a 'mini' humbucker to fit the stock bridge with no mods unless you want a full sized humbucker. I have the Duncan JB which is a favorite HB bridge pup used by a lot of rockers. My other Tele has a Lil59 which is Duncans mini HB that fits in a stock Tele bridge. Its a hot pup that sounds good too.

Here's a 'fancy' Tele bridge made for a HB pup...


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