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4+2 Tuners?

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Getting ready to modify a headstock, gonna convert it from 6 inline to 4 + 2, just had a question about tuners.. am I going to need to get some left handed ones for the bottom two tuners now? Also, the high E string is going to be at a bit of an angle, should I use a string tree?


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The angle at which the high E string is going to be will actually usually -negate- the need for a string tree. String trees are used to ADD angle across the nut, so that there's positive contact between the string and the nut. :D

Don't forget to take pics! I love the look of 4:2, and I'd be curious to see how yours turns out.

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Cool. I got the idea of doing it from this pic that another member posted a few days ago:


So mine will look kinda like that. As for the tuning pegs, do I need some lefty ones? (or to steal them from a 3+3 setup) I'm modifying an existing 6 inline strat-style neck, which already has tuners, and I'd prefer to use the 6 tuners again, instead of just the four top ones. :D

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Nice to see someone inspired :D

guitarfetish sells 4+2 tuners, not too expensive, and you could save the 6 you have for another project.

You can use your old tuners though, although it's usually not reccomended to run tuners in reverse. If this will really cause a problem in the long run I cannot tell you. On my first guitar I put them in reverse, haven't encountered any problems so far.

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