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Soliciting Lace Opinions


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I've been looking into Lace pickups to meet my needs for something unconventional-sounding. So, I'm not after their typical "Sensor" line, though I'd consider something quasi-conventional like the Power Sensor. The ones that caught my interest were:

- Transensor (esp. California and California Convertible)

- Alumitone

- Hemi Humbucker

- Drop and Gain (even though I won't be dropping, the desc. still makes standard tuning attractive)

- Arena

- D-series

Anybody have any experience with any of these? I'm not after vintage tones at all. The descriptions make them all look relatively attractive, but on the other hand, all manufacturers' descriptions are only as good as end user experience.

Also, given that Lace pickups in general use different technology (impedance, inductance, etc...), can I use active EQ or gain boost in conjunction with them?


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How about the hot gold duallies? They're more plentiful on eBay. More traditional tone (as opposed to my original post), but I don't have to be in completely new territory to be happy.

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Enter SMark in username.

Enter any Lace product word you wish in search words.

Search in the active forum and then in the archived forum.

Mark Mitchell has been a Lace proponent for many years, and has posted about them hundreds of times on that forum, and many of his posts include links to sound samples.

Mark is also a hobbyist guitar builder as well.

He also writes for a high-endy on-line magazine doing product reviews, forgot the name.

I have a set of Strat Lace Hot Golds, a Tele set (T-100 I think) and will get some Hot Gold Duallys myself, but maybe for different reasons than you want them...

Most people recommend Aamps for purchasing Lace products.

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