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I just came up with this idea about 2 seconds ago. I was reading about microtonality, then fretless guitars, and thought of this great idea. On fretted guitars, you arent able to obtain glissandos, quartertone differences, like you can on a fretless. But on a fretless, you cant obtain clear notes. So why not make a double neck with a fretless and fretted to have the best of both?

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That's what our bass player has. He has a 5 string fretted ,and a 4 string fretless on the same body.

That would work really well on a guitar too. I have a fretless, but I use it to play in strange scales, so I just switch guitars when we do a song in an alternate scale. I would probably not use the fertted and fretless guitars in the same song, but for most jazz players, that's a pretty good idea.


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