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New User Asking Questions.


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Hello all!

I've been lurking on this forum for a couple of weeks now, and I have a few questions.

First is what do you guys think of the Saga kits? (such as the Les Paul or Paul Reed Smith)

Second is if they are good how do they compare to other kits? (such as Warmoth)

Third is what are your opinions on EMG pickups?


OrenG :D

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1. I have not built a Saga kit, but I've heard they are horrible, sometimes parts are missing and holes are drilled in the wrong place etc...

2. I have not built anything by warmoth, but I've heard they are good but very expensive.

3. I love EMG pickups (the active ones, their passive ones are pretty cheap sounding)

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No experience on the Saga kits.

Warmoth is extremely expensive but very high quality within the limited framework of Fender-compatible hardware (they don't do custom neck tenons or odd pocket sizes, etc.)

I like EMGs as well. SAs are amazing for just about anything, and their humbuckers (particularly the 60, 85, and 89) are excellent for very clean or fairly dirty applications; in my experience the humbuckers don't do "vintage breakup" well.

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I have no first hand knowledge on the subject because I've never built a kit before, but I've heard good things about the grizzly kits.

Here is one for around $400 Link

There is also a tele kit for like $150.

Basically You'd have to shape the headstock, finish it, and put it together. Not too difficult.

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