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Plastic Scratches?

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Well I guess Ill try buffing it out.....

Couple of suggestions if you want.

1. try a rubbing compound similar to the stuff you use pre waxing on a car. Might take ages but will be a lot softer on the material than any abrasive papers

2. Why not heat the thing off and then make yourself a brand new one. Laminated plastic like that is fairly easy to find to replace it in the whole.

Any help?

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MicroMesh might do the trick.

The stew mac web site is down at the moment. Darn!!!

Well I don't consider the SM web site being down as being a solution?

For a headstock if the scratches are deep you have to start just like any finish by removing all the deep scratches. Buffing would be the final step in the process but the problem with plastic is its soft unlike a finish . So the final buffing will be close but not perfect. I would give it a a single coat of lacquer after all the work to make it shine and hide any light Marks left by the final buffing.

Has anyone ever fixed a scratched CD or DVD same deal you can get close but it will never be the same gloss finish thats why I suggest a finish coat over the job. Its not like the head stock is going to get pick wear marks.

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