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Rough Cost For Getting A Luthier To Change Rosewood Finger Board To Eb


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If you got it for under $500, you'd be getting it cheap. Its a lot of work, and there are numerous little things that will catch out the less experienced guys when they attempt it. Im doing one now for a guy (convert from maple with large inlays, to maple with only dot inlays), no lacquer work on the fretboard, but respray the headstock black (to cover the existing logo), $750 Aussie (about $680 USD). I came in $250 cheaper than the next cheapest quote.

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I recognize the value and difficulty of the work. For the right person and the right guitar (well, and the right luthier!) it's a sound investment (no pun intended).

That said, I only own one whole complete guitar worth more than that. :D $750 buys me a lot of happiness.

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