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L.r. Baggs T-bridge/ctrl-x?


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I was thinking of putting that on an LP to get some nice acoustic tones. I've never messed with piezos before, especially not on electric. Does it sound anything like a real acoustic?

Also, recommended pickups for rock? Not classic rock but more of a nice grungy drop-tuned modern rock sound. I was thinking a DiMarzio D-Sonic in the Bridge and a PAF clone or EVO in the neck.

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I think StewMac sells the Schaller, and googling 'Gotoh Hosco' should get your Gotoh's catalog with basic dimensions.

Honestly, though, since both Schaller and Gotoh build replacement parts for fairly standard guitars, in metric formats (German and Japanese, after all), I'd be surprised if it didn't fit. Post spacing is fairly standardised.

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True... but I don't think a schaller TOM will fit in Gotoh metric holes. Maybe i'll just have to make my own piezo.

I have tried this. be prepared for hell.

I spent the last 6 weeks, almost everynight doing different version.

I was close. I always ended up with one or another having an issue, but 5 out of 6 is not bad. :D

It can be done. I will continue on with it. it is just really frustrating

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Is there a way to buy just the GHOST tune-o-matic saddles without buying a bridge too?

Yes. The set costs about $80 (but you may have to be set up as a builder for that price). Try calling GraphTech: (604) 940-5353.

You can order a tune-o-matic from them and drill out the post holes to fit. Or replace your posts. It will be easier than making your own piezo by far.


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